Terms & Conditions
The Terms and Conditions, as set out below, and the agreement between QUALITYTIME TRAVEL and the Client are governed by English Law.
All bookings must be made in advance by telephone (during normal office hours), via email, or by letter.  We request a minimum of 24 hours notice for all bookings.  Once your booking is accepted, and payment confirmed, we will send you written confirmation. This will contain the details of your booking, notification of our cancellation policy and, in the case of bookings which occur outside our office hours, an emergency contact number.  Where appropriate, we will also confirm the booking via email. 
Minor itinerary adjustments are free of charge. The company, at its own discretion, will determine the nature of any adjustments and alter the charges accordingly.
Payment (For Tour Itineraries, see note below)
We request that a minimum deposit of £50 is paid at the time of booking.  Unfortunately, we can only accept cash or a cheque but, if you have access to online banking, then payment may be made direct into our account.  We will advise you of our bank details at the time of booking.
The balance is due immediately at the end of the hire period.  If this proves to be inconvenient or difficult, then we must insist on payment in advance.  Unfortunately, there can be no exceptions.
Credit accounts can only be accepted by prior arrangement and full agreement between the parties.
Once a booking is confirmed (after payment has been authorised or cleared) it is subject to the following cancellation policy: (This does not apply to tours - see note below).
Notice period Cancellation Fee
Over 7 days Deposit only
7-3 days Deposit + 25% of agreed tariff
3-1 days Deposit + 50% of agreed tariff    
Same day OR Previous day Deposit + 75% of agreed tariff OR
the original tariff, whichever is the lower
Hire Price
We guarantee the cost of vehicle hire providing that the original itinerary at the time of booking hasn't been altered appreciably.  Please see note ‘Alterations’ above.
Our obligations to you
  • We shall supply all the services specified in the Confirmation of Booking sent to you.
  • Clients will be telephoned approx. 24 hours prior to their booked meet and greet time to confirm the appointed time.  Where clients wish to be sent a text with the contact details of their driver, they must provide us with a mobile telephone number.
  • We accept responsibility for our employees' actions whilst on duty.
All Meet and Greets
In the unlikely event that you cannot locate the driver, you must call us immediately on
01684 566799, or 07768 683404, and wait for our advise - no refund will be given unless we have confirmed that the vehicle booked, or an alternative one is unavailable.  Such a situation would only exist under exceptional circumstances.
Tour Itineraries
Where a tour is booked, then it is subject to a 10% deposit payable at the time of booking.  Eight (8) weeks prior to departure, 40% of the booking price becomes due.  The balance of 50% falls due immediately at the end of the tour.
Our cancellation policy above does not apply to this type of booking. 
The tour cancellation policy is:
Notice Period  Cancellation Fee 
Over 8 weeks Deposit + a £150 administration fee + 50% of research time separately quoted and agreed
8 – 2 weeks  Deposit + 40% of the booking price + the research time separately quoted and agreed
14 days or less  Deposit + 75% of the agreed full booking price

We are insured for passenger travel. This insurance is for public liability and doesn't constitute a travel or baggage insurance.
  • We don't accept responsibilities for:-
    Delays caused by adverse weather conditions.
  • Any theft or damage to properties of the signatory of the contract or any other person travelling within the contract, except where such theft or damage is caused by a direct action, or negligence, of QUALITYTIME TRAVEL employees.
  • Any delays caused by strike action, acts of God, conflicts, war or Force Majeure.
  • Any delays caused by failure of the Client to conform to the agreed meet and greet times.
Whilst we do our utmost to ensure our drivers are punctual, we cannot accept responsibility for delays caused by circumstances outside our immediate control.  The driver will drive at safe and sensible speeds in accordance with road conditions, traffic and the legal speed limits.
QUALITYTIME TRAVEL makes no guarantees that any trip to or from any destination will be completed in a finite amount of time.   We cannot be held responsible for delays caused by traffic hold-ups and general problems encountered en-route.  But we will endeavour to minimise the impact of any potential delay.
Our Driver(s) will travel by the most appropriate route on the day, unless instructed otherwise by the Client at the time of booking.
Whilst every effort is made to provide you with the type of vehicle requested, QUALITYTIME TRAVEL reserves the right to substitute another vehicle should it become necessary.  We will  make every effort to ensure the substitute vehicle is of equal standard.
Some journeys will be undertaken by sub-contractors on our behalf.  All contractors used will provide a vehicle and level of service which is equal to our standards.
Waiting Time
Where waiting time exceeds that which has been agreed at the time of booking, QUALITYTIME TRAVEL reserves the right to charge your account by half hour periods.  
Airport and Seaport Transfers
We have the technology to monitor arrival times.  In the event of very long delays, flight cancellations, missed flights or failed connections, we deem it the responsibility of the client to inform our company immediately.  In this eventuality,  the new arrival time must be advised so that appropriate action can be taken.  Every effort will be made to ensure that clients are not stranded on home-coming without means of transport.  A surcharge may have to be made in certain circumstances when our drivers have already left base, or contingency plans made to find a substitute driver.
Disorderly Behaviour
We reserve the right to refuse travel to anyone deemed to be a nuisance or danger to our passengers or employees. We may seek the help of the police to remove any offenders from our vehicles and will not pay compensation or refund in such circumstances.
For your comfort, QUALITYTIME TRAVEL maintains a strict non-smoking policy in all its vehicles.

If for some reason you are unhappy with the service, you should, in the first instance, relay your concerns immediately to the driver, who will try to rectify the issue on the spot.
If the matter hasn't been resolved to your satisfaction, please write to us at: QUALITYTIME TRAVEL, “Moel-Bryn”, 105 Fruitlands, MALVERN, Worcs., WR14 4XB, UK - providing the driver's details, date and time of the incident and our Booking Reference Number.   We always endeavour to resolve any issues amicably.
In instances where QUALITYTIME TRAVEL is deemed to be responsible for failure to deliver the service as promised in the original contract, we will offer a cash refund, OR Sales voucher in lieu.  Such refund will be at the sole discretion of the company.

Should any personal item(s) be left in the vehicle, QUALITYTIME TRAVEL will make every effort to return them to the Client.

Nothing contained in these terms and conditions affects the Client's' statutory rights.
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